Source code for questionary.prompts.text

from typing import Any, Optional, List, Tuple

from prompt_toolkit.document import Document
from prompt_toolkit.shortcuts.prompt import PromptSession
from prompt_toolkit.styles import Style, merge_styles
from prompt_toolkit.lexers import Lexer, SimpleLexer

from questionary.constants import (
from questionary.prompts.common import build_validator
from questionary.question import Question

[docs]def text( message: str, default: str = "", validate: Any = None, qmark: str = DEFAULT_QUESTION_PREFIX, style: Optional[Style] = None, multiline: bool = False, instruction: Optional[str] = None, lexer: Optional[Lexer] = None, **kwargs: Any, ) -> Question: """Prompt the user to enter a free text message. This question type can be used to prompt the user for some text input. Example: >>> import questionary >>> questionary.text("What's your first name?").ask() ? What's your first name? Tom 'Tom' .. image:: ../images/text.gif This is just a really basic example, the prompt can be customised using the parameters. Args: message: Question text. default: Default value will be returned if the user just hits enter. validate: Require the entered value to pass a validation. The value can not be submitted until the validator accepts it (e.g. to check minimum password length). This can either be a function accepting the input and returning a boolean, or an class reference to a subclass of the prompt toolkit Validator class. qmark: Question prefix displayed in front of the question. By default this is a ``?``. style: A custom color and style for the question parts. You can configure colors as well as font types for different elements. multiline: If ``True``, multiline input will be enabled. instruction: Write instructions for the user if needed. If ``None`` and ``multiline=True``, some instructions will appear. lexer: Supply a valid lexer to style the answer. Leave empty to use a simple one by default. kwargs: Additional arguments, they will be passed to prompt toolkit. Returns: :class:`Question`: Question instance, ready to be prompted (using ``.ask()``). """ merged_style = merge_styles([DEFAULT_STYLE, style]) lexer = lexer or SimpleLexer("class:answer") validator = build_validator(validate) if instruction is None and multiline: instruction = INSTRUCTION_MULTILINE def get_prompt_tokens() -> List[Tuple[str, str]]: result = [("class:qmark", qmark), ("class:question", " {} ".format(message))] if instruction: result.append(("class:instruction", " {} ".format(instruction))) return result p = PromptSession( get_prompt_tokens, style=merged_style, validator=validator, lexer=lexer, multiline=multiline, **kwargs, ) p.default_buffer.reset(Document(default)) return Question(