Source code for questionary.prompts.confirm

from prompt_toolkit import PromptSession
from prompt_toolkit.formatted_text import to_formatted_text
from prompt_toolkit.key_binding import KeyBindings
from prompt_toolkit.keys import Keys
from prompt_toolkit.styles import merge_styles, Style
from typing import Optional, Any

from questionary.constants import (
from questionary.question import Question

[docs]def confirm( message: str, default: bool = True, qmark: str = DEFAULT_QUESTION_PREFIX, style: Optional[Style] = None, auto_enter: bool = True, **kwargs: Any, ) -> Question: """A yes or no question. The user can either confirm or deny. This question type can be used to prompt the user for a confirmation of a yes-or-no question. If the user just hits enter, the default value will be returned. Example: >>> import questionary >>> questionary.confirm("Are you amazed?").ask() ? Are you amazed? Yes True .. image:: ../images/confirm.gif This is just a really basic example, the prompt can be customised using the parameters. Args: message: Question text. default: Default value will be returned if the user just hits enter. qmark: Question prefix displayed in front of the question. By default this is a ``?``. style: A custom color and style for the question parts. You can configure colors as well as font types for different elements. auto_enter: If set to `False`, the user needs to press the 'enter' key to accept their answer. If set to `True`, a valid input will be accepted without the need to press 'Enter'. Returns: :class:`Question`: Question instance, ready to be prompted (using `.ask()`). """ merged_style = merge_styles([DEFAULT_STYLE, style]) status = {"answer": None, "complete": False} def get_prompt_tokens(): tokens = [] tokens.append(("class:qmark", qmark)) tokens.append(("class:question", " {} ".format(message))) if not status["complete"]: instruction = YES_OR_NO if default else NO_OR_YES tokens.append(("class:instruction", "{} ".format(instruction))) if status["answer"] is not None: answer = YES if status["answer"] else NO tokens.append(("class:answer", answer)) return to_formatted_text(tokens) def exit_with_result(event): status["complete"] = True["answer"]) bindings = KeyBindings() @bindings.add(Keys.ControlQ, eager=True) @bindings.add(Keys.ControlC, eager=True) def _(event):, style="class:aborting") @bindings.add("n") @bindings.add("N") def key_n(event): status["answer"] = False if auto_enter: exit_with_result(event) @bindings.add("y") @bindings.add("Y") def key_y(event): status["answer"] = True if auto_enter: exit_with_result(event) @bindings.add(Keys.ControlH) def key_backspace(event): status["answer"] = None @bindings.add(Keys.ControlM, eager=True) def set_answer(event): if status["answer"] is None: status["answer"] = default exit_with_result(event) @bindings.add(Keys.Any) def other(event): """Disallow inserting other text.""" pass return Question( PromptSession( get_prompt_tokens, key_bindings=bindings, style=merged_style, **kwargs ).app )